Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You Hear That??? It's WEDDING BELLS. Yes, already.....

Now that the Holiday festivities of 2012 and the massive birthday celebrations of 2012/2013 are closing in on me, I have yet another function ahead to which I must find something super cute to adorn myself in. Realizing that the big day is a mere three months away, I am officially back on the diet and in search for the perfect dress to wear to this amazing event! The event will be at 4pm and is outside at the most adorable wedding spot I have ever seen, The Wildflower Barn, in Driftwood, Texas - That's just a hop skip and a jump from the Salt Lick. But this post is about fitting into clothes, not BBQ... Here is my vision, and keep in mind that I am unaware of the couples official colors, and the only reason that I actually care is because my husband will be a groomsman and I think its important to coordinate your damn family. Which, oh shit, that reminds me, I have to find something for the kid to wear too! A short (because I am short, but willing to get something hemmed), A-line, V-neck or low ballerina neckline, cap, 3/4, or full sleeve in a spring-like color, and can be worn again. I had this exact same dress in high school, I wore it to my graduation, I got it at Barney's, it was a steal, and I can guarantee that I will never find it again. But I am on a mission to try. This time around, I want silk! And let me go ahead and throw this out there, it's very easy to look far too hippy-ish or mod with dresses of this silhouette, so I strongly suggest to keep the flowers out of your hair and DO NOT WEAR tall boots. A messy and low chignon paired with simple jewelry and nude heels? Absolutely! Below you will witness the dream closet of my mind; prepare.
Anyways, looks like I have my work cut out for me. HELP ME!

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