Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Jumpsuit gets a modern makeover!

I am a product of the 1970's. Born to a young, beautiful and hip mother, I definitely saw my fair share of jumpsuits being worn around the house, to the grocery store, and even out on the weekends. As a matter of fact, I vividly recall a white cotton and chifon, strapless jumpsuit accessorized with white Dr. Scholls, and large gold hoop earrings - if I could only have her exact outfit today! (yes, even the shoes)

This summer I have had my eye on the return of the jumpsuit, and while I am not in love with the metallic, disco-era patterns of yonder, nor do I want to wear a suit made of polyester, I do adore the palazzo style pants and the light and comfortable yet slimming and becoming fabrics of today's pieces. The prices range depending on the fabrics and designers, and the look can be chic and elegant or bubblegum tween if you decide to wear a skort style romper with bobby socks and pig-tails. The latter i do not condone for reasons of public sanity and personal reputation.

These pieces are meant to have fun with...dress them up with some amazing baubles and slick heels, or keep them simple with an off-the-shoulder style paired with a low and messy chignon for an evening-on-the-beach look. Whatever you do, wear this style to its full potential, the jumpsuit can be very sexy! Above are some of my favorites, but there are TONS of styles out there!

Happy Shopping!

Product Description

1. Stella McCartney - cashmere and silk (1195.) on sale (537.74)

2. Forever 21 - poly/spandex blend (27.80)

3. Young Fabulous and Broke - modal/spandex blend (198.)