Thursday, February 3, 2011

These Boots (and shoes) Were Made for Walkin'

Once upon a time there were two little girls that lived in a master planned community in NE Houston. One of them was myself, and the other was a darling, curly-headed cutie named Coye Nokes.

Ms. Nokes has really made a name for herself in the fashion industry lately. She designs the most amazing shoes for the modern, working (and walking) woman.

Her styles are crisp and clean and timeless. The textiles she chooses only accentuate the most beautiful parts of her creations, and NONE of her designs would I not wear.

They are nicely priced, definitely not cheap, but then again, cheap means .....well, cheap. Cheap materials, cheap

So, in honor of what we deserve and work hard for, and to salute a savvy woman such as Coye, get out your wallets ladies, and try some Coye Nokes on for style!