Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Making Up For Lost Time!

Hey everyone! It's been a very busy year, two actually, but I am ready to get back on this blog thing. I ran off and had a baby and being so time constrained, I have begun an even more serious love affair with web shopping! Not to mention, with sites such as Wanelo and Pintrest, daydreaming, creating, designing, decorating, and invention have ended up right at our fingertips! I'm not even sure where to begin seeing as I have neglected this blog for so long, so I will begin with my current favorite trends and fashions.... Let's Go! Since we've last updated, Courtney BOUGHT A HOUSE! An amazing house, at that. She's been seeking my opinion on decorating styles, I've been hunting down amazing products for her, and she's been making all the purchases - this is my favorite way to shop! :) She had mentioned that there is no option for colorful, classy, powder coated hardware in this world - AND THEN, i found them! Byron and Byron, a company from across the pond, has read our minds and created the most perfect curtain rods and finials that I have ever seen! As a matter of fact, all of their products are rather whimsical and delightful! Unfortunately, their purchasing site has down for a while, or else I would give you all a heads up on the cost of these beauties. In the very least, it certainly gave me a good idea, I am totally going to do this with my master bedroom curtain rod. HOW FUN! Thanks for your patience, readers. And as always, HAPPY SHOPPING!